What is Pregnancy Massage?

Pre-natal massage has been used for thousands of years to help assist mothers throughout their pregnancy journey. During pregnancy the body goes through huge postural changes and sometimes the body finds it difficult to adapt to these changes, causing pain and discomfort to the expectant mother. In fact, about 50% of women suffer from back pain and 30% suffer from pelvic pain during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage utilises very gentle massage techniques to help ease out tension and discomfort in muscles by encouraging blood flow to strained and stressed tissues.

Why Choose A Pregnancy Massage?

Expectant mothers choose this type of massage for a number of reasons:

  • to help ease overall tension in their bodies
  • to ease aches and pains during pregnancy
  • or simply for some relaxation from everyday stressors.

 What to Expect During Your Pregnancy Massage Treatment?

An initial consultation will take place to help us understand your history, your presentation and to figure out your specific requests and needs, and to make sure you are happy to proceed with your massage treatment.

We use an extra wide massage treatment table specifically for expectant mothers. All massage techniques are very gentle. Mel our highly trained pregnancy massage therapist will continuously seek your feedback to ensure your comfort at all times during the treatment. Positioning depends on how comfortable you are. Some expectant mothers may lie on their back for a short period and then swap on to their side, or remain in a seated position.

Meet Your – Pregnancy Massage Therapist Christchurch  - Mel Bradley

Mel is on hand to help ease out all your aches and pains, and to help ensure you are as comfortable as possible during all stages of you pregnancy.

Looking for a pregnancy massage in Christchurch? Please do not hesitate to contact Mel Bradley at Better Health Osteopathy in Christchurch today. Call 027 7555700 or book online.

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