416 Ilam Road, Fendalton, Christchurch 8052

416 Ilam Road, Fendalton, Christchurch 8052

Neck Pain

Osteopaths are well trained in treating patients with neck pain. During treatment, our main focus is on treating the root cause of your pain. Therefore we will rarely only focus on your neck; we will examine your entire spine, where often we may find additional structures which are contributing to your neck pain. Along with osteopathic treatment, we also address any other predisposing factors, such as, poor ergonomic set-ups, and stress, which could exacerbate your pain.

Osteopathy For Neck Pain

osteopathy for neck pain

Once we have diagnosed that your pain is in fact, coming from various structures in your neck or spine, we will compile a comprehensive treatment plan, tailored specifically to each patient. Treatment plans center around osteopathic treatment using highly skilled techniques to ease your neck pain, restore movement, and ease aches and pains in your neck. We also focus on more long-term rehabilitation techniques to improve mobility and strength in your neck and spine.

Neck Pain Conditions Suitable for Treatment

  • Generalised Aches and Pains
  • Trauma, Injures and Sprains
  • Postural Over Strains from Prolonged Sitting
  • Whiplash
  • Trapped / Irritated Nerves
  • Jaw Pain
  • Headaches – Migraine / Tension Type / Stress and Cervicogenic Headaches

Who Do We Treat?

We treat patients of all ages who present with neck pain – children, adults, pregnant ladies, the elderly and sporting professionals. Treatment plans and techniques are tailored specifically to the patient.

Please note that we assess each patient on an individual basis, and only after a thorough assessment, will we decide together, on whether osteopathic treatment is suitable for you, and your presenting condition.