416 Ilam Road, Fendalton, Christchurch 8052

Clinic Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 8pm

416 Ilam Road, Fendalton, Christchurch 8052

Clinic Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-8pm

10 Reasons to Join the Better Health Osteopathy Team

  1. Established Clinic with a Strong Patient Base: With a 9-year history and over 5,500 loyal patients in the Christchurch area, the clinic offers a stable and thriving environment.
  2. Family-Oriented Practice: We commit ourselves to the health of our patients and their families, which is evident in the fact that we often treat three generations within one family.
  3. Genuine Care: The team comprises like-minded clinicians who provide exceptional patient care.
  4. Focus on Clinician Development and Wellbeing: There is a strong emphasis on the growth, happiness, and health of the team, ensuring a sustainable and fulfilling work environment.
  5. Mentoring: Better Health Osteopathy provides mentorship to support skill development, confidence, career guidance, and professional growth.
  6. Structured Mentorship Programme: The programme includes modules on professional and clinical development, osteopathic technique, and weekly mentoring sessions over 1 year.
  7. 100-Day Induction Programme: New osteopaths begin with a structured induction programme that introduces them to our clinic values, procedures, and our amazing team. This will allow osteopaths to hit the ground running from the start.
  8. New Custom-Built Clinic: You will work in a stunning, newly built clinic with large consulting rooms, a fully fitted kitchen, and two outdoor areas for relaxing in the sun in between patients.
  9. Clear Career Progression: The clinic offers a clear career pathway from entry-level to senior roles, management positions, and specialisation options to partnership arrangements.
  10. Continuing Professional Development: In-house specialised CPD workshops in paediatrics and rehabilitation ensure ongoing professional development, enhanced clinical skills, and saved costs by not having to pay for external courses.

By joining Better Health Osteopathy, you will become part of a forward-thinking clinic that invests in its team’s growth and culture and upholds an exceptional standard of patient care.

What Is The Mentorship Programme?

The Mentorship programme at Better Health Osteopathy takes place over 12 months. However, it often runs into the second year, primarily at the request of the graduate clinician.

  • 26+ modules on Professional Development
  • 20+ modules on Clinical Development
  • Osteopathic technique development

The clinic director, a former tutor at the ARA Osteopathic Teaching Clinic, delivers weekly modules in a fun and relaxed environment.

The program aims to foster professional and clinical development by enhancing clinical competencies, treatment techniques, professional conduct, ethical standards, patient management, and communication skills.

Designed to cultivate well-rounded primary healthcare practitioners, the program equips participants with the skills necessary for effective patient care and broader professional responsibilities in osteopathy.

This approach aligns with the latest research, which shows that clinician mentorship leads to significant improvements in both clinician performance and patient outcomes.

Career Development   

Join Better Health Osteopathy for a fulfilling career journey in a supportive environment. Progress from entry-level roles to leadership positions, with opportunities for specialisation in areas like paediatrics or sports injury rehab. Our career pathway includes options for roles in management or partnership options, offering a unique chance to become a clinic shareholder. At every stage of your career with us, you’ll benefit from continuous learning opportunities, a collaborative team environment, and the satisfaction of making a tangible difference in the lives of our patients. 

Continuous Professional Development

In addition to the mentoring programme, we run numerous advanced in-house CPD workshops. These workshops, which focus on paediatrics and rehabilitation, can save our osteopaths thousands of dollars on travel, loss of income, and course costs. They will further enhance clinical skills and confidence and encourage our clinicians to continue challenging themselves and growing within the osteopathic profession.

Life at Better Health Osteopathy

We believe an exceptional culture attracts great people. We cherry-pick our team members, as we always want to honour one of our core values of fostering a happy, healthy and fun clinic environment. We’re committed to nurturing our team through various social gatherings all year round. Weekly morning teas provide precious opportunities for connection, and our monthly brunch is a tradition that strengthens our team’s friendship bonds. These shared experiences are not just enjoyed; they are integral to the professional life we build together at the clinic.

What Our Team Have To Say About Working In Our Clinic

“Working at Better Health Osteopathy has been great. The team is full of friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable osteopaths who are dedicated to providing the best care for their patients. On top of that, there is a well-organised management team who are always around to help with business, personal, or tricky situations you may find yourself in. I have learnt a lot of valuable lessons working for this clinic and can’t wait for the team to grow even further. ”

Jordan Trevarton, Associate Osteopath 

“Better Health Osteopathy is a supportive working environment with a great team culture. The modern, purpose-built clinic catches plenty of natural light. Things can get busy at times, but we have weekly catch-ups over morning tea and peaceful areas to relax during break times. The weekly mentorship sessions are engaging and extremely valuable for my clinical and professional development as a graduate osteopath. My favourite part about working here is how we all help each other to provide top-quality patient care.”

Kaylee Frost,  Associate Osteopath 

“Since I started working at Better Health Osteopathy a few years back, I found an amazing environment where we all can thrive. With everyone bringing their unique skills and expertise to the table, we’re able to provide amazing care to our patients. Plus, we’re lucky to have this fantastic indoor and outdoor space where the team can unwind, recharge, and even cook up anything we want in our fully equipped kitchen. Getting to know our patients personally adds another dimension to our work, allowing us to tailor our treatments to their individual needs and build strong relationships based on trust and understanding. As a cohesive team, we create a supportive environment where our staff and patients feel valued and well-cared for.”

– Camilla Wood,  Clinic Manager

Supporting our Community

At Better Health Osteopathy, we consider it a privilege to extend a helping hand. We collaborate with local social workers, aiding their clients who cannot afford the necessary treatments. These clients are a mix of adults, pregnant women and babies. It’s our commitment to assist these dedicated social workers and their clients when they need it the most. For patients under our care who face financial difficulties, we’re ready to step in, offering our services pro bono to ensure everyone has access to the healthcare they deserve.

Living And Working in Christchurch, New Zealand

Relocating to Christchurch offers Osteopaths a chance to advance their careers in a vibrant city. Known for stunning landscapes, including beaches and mountains, Christchurch provides a blend of urban and outdoor activities. Within 1.5 hours, enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and luxurious outdoor spa pools.

The city has a welcoming community and a thriving healthcare sector, promoting collaboration among health professionals and access to top-notch medical and imaging facilities.

Christchurch’s growth and innovation make it an ideal location for Osteopaths seeking career development and a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.


Better Health Osteopathy

The Visa & Registration Process

Moving to New Zealand and registering with OCNZ is now easier than ever. It’s the world’s easiest country to migrate to. With a job offer, Osteopaths can apply for a straight-to-residency visa and become residents in just a few weeks. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

1.    Visa Application 

Green List For Osteopaths

Skilled Migrant Category

Straight to Residence Visa

2.    Registering With The Osteopathic Council of New Zealand

Registering with OCNZ

Competent Authority Pathway Programme (CAPP)

3.   Moving To New Zealand

Move to New Zealand

Living in Christchurch

House Rentals

House Purchase

The Hiring Process

  1. Submit your CV and cover letter to [email protected]
  2. Phone Chat 
  3. Interview on Zoom or in Person 
  4. Job Offer

Apply or Register Your Interest

Accepted file types: docx, pdf, pages, Max. file size: 5 MB.
Accepted file types: docx, pdf, pages, Max. file size: 5 MB.


Stephen SinclairStephen Sinclair
22:07 04 Jun 24
Matt AllnuttMatt Allnutt
23:53 27 May 24
Awesome service. My osteopath was always bang on time, everything was explained well and nice people to deal with.
06:40 05 Feb 24
3 treatments and sciatica pain all GONE. Super happy!
David BarnettDavid Barnett
01:28 29 Jan 24
Maggie BransgroveMaggie Bransgrove
23:06 21 Dec 23
Lovely professional place. Osteopaths are great and explain things well, always feel great afterwards!
Paige DelaneyPaige Delaney
23:01 21 Dec 23
Excellent professional service from Lorraine. Helped to resolve tension and pains that have been in place for years!
Stephen OrpwoodStephen Orpwood
04:52 21 Dec 23
Great people, great hours of operation, easy to find
Linda YoulLinda Youl
01:55 21 Dec 23
I have had frequent migraines for the past 22 years, usually 3-4 per week. Lorraine identified the area needing work at our first session and after the first treatment there was an immediate reduction in migraine frequency. This improvement has continued. I have had 3 sessions with Lorraine now and neck pain is a thing of the past. Migraines are down to 1 per week at the most. I have tried many, many other therapies over the past 20 years and have never experienced results like these previously.
Lorna RevisLorna Revis
22:10 20 Dec 23
I have been coming to this better health osteopathy clinic for over five years. I have had excellent treatment by Lorraine and Lynda and made rapid recovery for various injuries. Despite having back trouble for the past twenty years, it's almost completely resolved. I highly recommend this practice
Lisa RaeLisa Rae
01:06 20 Dec 23
very professional and great communication. Practitioners very knowledgeable and supportive.
Sarah ChristieSarah Christie
00:28 20 Dec 23
Amazing, welcoming environment. Lorraine has helped my son from 4 weeks old and it has helped him latch better for breastfeeding which has been life changing for us. She has also treated me and helped me with neck and shoulder tension
April PikeApril Pike
21:55 19 Dec 23
Lorraine and Linda are amazing. Have recommended to all my friends and family.
Varun “VJ” JainVarun “VJ” Jain
06:45 19 Dec 23
Went there with my recurring injury and had a great experience in recovering well out of it.Lorraine was amazing practitioner and I highly recommend.
alisa Blakey-Scholesalisa Blakey-Scholes
05:43 19 Dec 23
Caley HughesCaley Hughes
04:59 19 Dec 23
Lorraine has helped immensely with my headaches and neck pain over the past year. Beautiful new clinic with great results.
Logan MacDonaldLogan MacDonald
01:53 19 Dec 23
Sarah ByrneSarah Byrne
23:53 17 Dec 23
Absolutely life changing in 2 treatments
Stu JohnsonStu Johnson
22:04 17 Dec 23
Good friendly knowledgeable staff. Booked whole family in, including baby Rory
Raewyn PearcyRaewyn Pearcy
23:29 14 Dec 23
Well..I go in to my appointment like a pretzel & come out like a noodle 🤣Fabulous care & results .. 💯 recommend Better Health Osteopathy
Jennifer TJennifer T
20:31 14 Dec 23
Lorraine and Jordan are amazing in what they do! Relieved of my lower back pain whenever it plays up. Highly recommend their services.
Joe BlackJoe Black
08:07 14 Dec 23
Lorraine gave me an amazing treatment for an injury following a serious car crash. Thankfully I was back to work in no time.
Shelley SimpsonShelley Simpson
06:30 14 Dec 23
Lorraine took me in a critical state some months ago and worked with me until I was comfortably mobile. Found her empathetic, professional and gentle. No hesitation in recommending others to this practice. I am now back here for a separate injury with a work in progress.
Briar RemnantBriar Remnant
05:31 14 Dec 23
Jordan has been a great help, my issue was resolved quickly and painlessly, highly recommend
I have been seeing Lorraine @betterhealthosteopathy.nzFor myself and Maverick (my 4mo son) and it is incredible the difference I have noticed in both of us!Maverick can turn his head both ways so freely, he looks up at me and stretches his neck up, he’s almost rolling and I can see how freely his back can turn!I have noticed such a change within myself mentally aswell as physically! I feel a lot lighter and clearer, my aches and pains have lifted, my posture is significantly better and I just overall am feeling SO much better!I would highly recommend Lorraine for yourself and your baby, Maverick loved her and just chatted & smiled away through every appointment
Chay HarrisChay Harris
03:01 12 Dec 23
So glad that I managed to get in and see Lorraine and start the process of freeing up my hip & knees and trying to relief the pain and try to get my old body back some normality. Appreciate that it's not an overnight happening thing and that it does take time to heal. So big thanks and have a Greta Xmas to the team at Better Health Osteopathy.
Craig RobinsonCraig Robinson
22:47 23 Nov 23
Ruben RebmannRuben Rebmann
01:38 23 Nov 23
Lorraine was very experienced and helped us a lot. Thank you so much for your explanations and the advices. Wish you all the best.
Anita PatersonAnita Paterson
07:46 16 Nov 23
Really worthwhile experience, felt so much better. Saw Osteo Lorraine, told me how many sessions I would require at first visit, great reminders of planned appointments and beautiful brand new facility with easy parking.
Nicholas D'AloisioNicholas D'Aloisio
06:39 16 Nov 23
Great communication, excellent followup and aftercare exercise instructions
Lauren SintesLauren Sintes
04:24 29 Aug 23
We had Osteo work done through Lorraine on our baby due to stiffness in hips, back and neck. After the first appointment we noticed the difference straight away. She instantly became more comfortable on her stomach and had more mobility range. After 3x appointment our baby now enjoys tummy time and less stiffness in her movements. Lorraine was incredible! Very gentle with the wee ones and so knowledgeable in her work. We would absolutely recommend her services to all parents looking for osteo care for their child.
Huata ArahangaHuata Arahanga
21:42 28 Aug 23
01:24 18 Jul 23
Very experienced team, they listen and make a plan that suits
Natalia DybovaNatalia Dybova
23:36 12 Jul 23
Maureen AllpressMaureen Allpress
21:10 12 Jul 23
Amazed in how much improvement after my visit .Highly recommend
Marilyn WilsonMarilyn Wilson
06:20 08 Jun 23
Very efficient service and left feeling great even from a long term injury.
Deborah HectorDeborah Hector
04:29 31 May 23
Fantastic and efficient
Clare HockingClare Hocking
23:58 28 Feb 23
Osteopathy with Lorraine has been a major step back to recovery after sustaining concussion 3 months ago. Prior to my fist appointment with Lorraine NOTHING was making any difference to my symptoms. From the start of treatment the headaches and generalised body pain became more manageable. Now, after 3 treatments, the pain has reduced by 85%. I am SO grateful to Lorraine for her professional, skilled and caring approach. Clare RH
Rose QuinnRose Quinn
22:20 15 Feb 23
Great experience with better health osteo - I felt 100% comfortable and informed with what was happening and the treatment used. Lorraine was amazing with my infant, she was gentle and engaged whilst performing adjustments. Very happy with the physical results for bubs. I highly recommend this clinic for treating infants experiencing discomfort.
Emma SmithEmma Smith
19:02 21 Dec 22
Amazing! Lorraine is a miracle worker, she has helped me fix my body and the head aches I suffered with. Seriously changed my life I love my visits to the osteo always makes me feel so much better honestly recommend if you are in any pain and need relief that a doctor can’t provide
Ruth ArbuckleRuth Arbuckle
06:39 13 Dec 22
Better health osteopathy has been life changing for me! Lorraine has been outstanding at helping me recover from a neck and shoulder injury, and has got me back training five times a week again, doing the exercise that I love! I would highly recommend her and the team here to anyone.
Per JacobsenPer Jacobsen
00:39 07 Dec 22
I have been treated by Better health Osteopathy on and off since 2019, and every time I have had issues with my back, arms, or even feet, Lorraine has been superb at treating me, and I cannot thank her enough for everything she has helped me with. She is methodical in her approach and very thorough at treating. I now go on a regular basis every 6 weeks, just to keep my body in tune for the work I do, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made, going on a regular basis. I firmly believe Lorraine’s treatments help to keep me out of injuries.I genuinely highly recommend Lorraine and her team.
Michelle WilbyMichelle Wilby
05:30 05 Dec 22
I started seeing Lorraine when I was pregnant with my third child. She was a life saver not only physically but emotionally. I had major hip and lower back pain and she took such a thorough approach to help me through my pregnancy. She also put me in touch with other amazing health professionals to help me deal with some past trauma.I highly recommend Lorraine!
ilana moirilana moir
21:06 04 Dec 22
Lorraine is just wonderful, every visit I leave feeling great. My husband also loves her treatments and we have just started brining our newborn which has been great. Highly recommend!
samantha murraysamantha murray
20:02 01 Dec 22
I’m not one who usually writes reviews but I feel I need to. I have been seeing Lorraine and Lynda for the past 5 years not and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Whenever someone asks for a good chiropractor, I say no. You HAVE to see and osteopath, and go on to tell them about Lorraine and Lynda. They are so knowledgeable. My first experience was with Lorraine when I was pregnant and suffering from a sore back. She was so matter of fact and I was shocked (in a good way) how quickly she identified what was causing me discomfort. I even took my son to see her as a newborn for an adjustment. Later down the track as Lorraine was tricky to get into I met Lynda. I was a little unsure about how she was going to be but Lorraine assured me she was brilliant - and she is! I have been to see both practitioners many times and I always leave feeling well adjusted. They’ve helped me heal injuries from classic sporting strains to headaches. I don’t go anywhere else. Highly recommend to all.
Emily BuchananEmily Buchanan
05:39 07 Sep 22
Lorraine is amazing. I couldn’t recommend her enough if you are suffering with severe pain. She has helped me immensely within five sessions. She really knows what she is doing and is happy to bring you back down to earth if you are feeling anxious about your symptoms.I will continue to see Lorraine long term whenever I need too. ☺️
Sophie CarterSophie Carter
00:28 31 Aug 22
At 36 weeks pregnant I started having terrible pelvic pain which made walking extremely painful and difficult. A friend recommended Lorraine and oh my gosh the difference she has made is incredible. After seeing her I was able to enjoy the last month of pregnancy with my mobility back and its also nice to know that I’m all aligned and ready for birth. Couldn’t recommend more highly!!
Michelle MahuikaMichelle Mahuika
07:47 04 Aug 22
Absolutely fantastic service. Has helped heal a pain I have had for several years. Would recommend to all. Changed my life.
Dean RosserDean Rosser
05:56 26 Jul 22
I've been a few times since moving to Christchurch. So far, Lorraine has been awesome. Clearly knows her stuff and treats in a peaceful and knowledgeable manner that has instilled trust in the process.
Richard SmithRichard Smith
23:02 23 Jun 22
Very professional, friendly and appropriate Osteopath.Takes the time to listen to what’s going on and cuts through the peripheral stuff to get to the heart of the problem. Understands the balance between needing Osteo and needing time to let the body do it’s healing. Highly recommended. Only down side is small car park and stairs which will be sorted when they move to new premises soon.
07:23 02 May 22
Have been going to lorraine for regular maintenance treatment for a few years now. She is a natural at what she does makes a huge difference to my health and well being I'm grateful to have found an osteopath of her calibre can't speak highly enough of her skill
sourabh dhimansourabh dhiman
20:35 08 Feb 22
Lorraine is a amazing osteopath ,she helped me with my sciatica.When I started visiting her clinic I was in consistent pain and I was not able to do much of physical activity after few months now I am also to run and do what I love.Her treatment changed my situation and I definitely recommend her to any one with similar condition or back injury.